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How far is The Boatyard from the cruise Terminal?
The Boatyard is located on beautiful carlisle Bay about 3 - 5 mins drive depending on traffic. There is a Taxi stand outside of the cruise Terminal. If you choose to walk, it is about 15 - 20 mins depending on your pace.

How much for a Taxi?
Taxi fares are regulated by the Barbados Government and are pre-set to where your final destination will be, meaning all the Taxis should quote you the same fare. The taxi rate to The Boatyard from the Cruise Terminal is US$5.00 one-way. When you enter the Boatyard, included is your return transportation to the Cruise Terminal, leaving approx at 1:00pm at 15 mins intervals.

Do we have to pay to come in?
Yes, on a day, The Boatyard offers a Beach Package which must be paid to be allowed  entry on to their premises. Click on Adventure Beach for more details.


Cruise Ship Passengers



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